THE GENERAL ENGINEERING COMPANY manufactures Valve Stem Extensions to fit various diameters of Roadway Valve Boxes as well as for use with Stem Guides, or to fit 2-1/4″ diameter Curb Service Boxes. We also make TEE HANDLED Valve Keys, with either 2″ square socket for Main Valves with 2″ operating nuts or slotted for Curb Stops, Corporation Stops, or Extension Stems. Valve Stem Extensions bring the operating nut close to the surface, eliminating the need for heavy, long Valve Keys and struggling to find the operating nut — especially if you have a deep bury, misalignment or it is covered with mud.

Valve operation is faster and safer with the installation of Valve Stem Extensions.

Shown in the photo are, from left, Curb Box Key, Main Key, Main Valve Stem Extension (Stationary Rod) and Curb Box Stationary Rod. All tools shown are made with a combination of Ductile Iron and Steel. They can also be fabricated from all steel or all Stainless Steel. Since these tools are fabricated in our own shop, they can be made any length and most special requirements can be accommodated. Three different ends are available for the Curb Box Tools.

Valve Stem Extensions (Stationary Rods), whether for Main Valves (2″ Operating Nut) or Curb Service (House) connections, can be supplied with or without the alignment washer. Those for 2″ Operating Nuts can be supplied with one or multiple set screws (or none). All stem extensions are dip-coated with black paint. Valve Keys and Curb Keys are spray painted black.

We consider 7/8″ diameter Hot Rolled Steel as standard for the Main Valve Stem Extension and Main Valve Key. However, other sizes and types of steel can be supplied. Curb Keys and Extensions have 5/8″ HRS Shafts.

Order “stock” specifications for fast delivery or ask for a quote on your special requirements. GENECO Valve Stem Extensions and Valve Keys are TOP QUALITY.

For 4-1/4″, 5-1/4″, and 7″ Roadway Valve Boxes and for 2-1/4″ Curb Services Boxes.

**Stem Extensions and Keys are fabricated in our own shop so most special order requirements can be accommodated

**All Shafts are Solid Steel or Stainless Steel, not pipe. However, we can produce with pipe as a Special Order.